Getting in the Mood

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Getting in the Mood

There is nothing quite like music to get you in the mood for relaxing or doing anything else really and fortunately today we can find music from many different sources as and when we want it. Sometimes we may want to listen to an old favorite whilst at other times we may want to listen to something new, all depending on our mood or the mood we want to get into.

There are actions today which are being taken which could have disrupted our ability to always hear new music and those actions are that some schools are cutting music classes to make way for more technology-based subjects. Traditionally many of our current musicians and musicians in the past have started to learn their music abilities at school and so without those classes in schools, a threat could be placed on the music industry as a whole.

Fortunately, though there should be no void left by classes being stopped in regular schools as new private music schools are opening up to fill that potential void. Music schools had of course always existed but in the past, they were mainly there to augment any classes taken at regular schools. Today though these new private schools or tutors are available for teaching either children or adults regardless of whether they have had any prior formal music training.

Places like Singapore’s aptly named The Music Mood is able to visit people’s homes and teach them instruments like guitar and piano right in a person’s own home and can be booked to teach at weekends, holidays or any other time which is convenient for the budding musician. It is institutes, schools or tutors like these which will help to keep music alive and in our hearts regardless of whether music classes still help in traditional schools or not.

Music has always been a mood setter for humanity and if we were to lose the ability to create new music, it is perhaps the whole of humanity which would suffer. It is, however, true that in this day and age of technology having a basic knowledge of that technology is essential for your people leaving school and looking for work but cutting music lessons is not perhaps the right solution.

Although the music itself may set our mood, it is the learning of music which also provides us with many benefits and those benefits will be missed almost as much as the actual music. Playing a musical instrument can, of course, increase someone’s confidence and social behavior but it has now been shown that by learning music we also gain other benefits. Some of those benefits now known to exist from learning music are an improvement in our ability to concentrate and a better memory. Learning music has also been shown by comparing SAT results of those who were taught music and those who weren’t that learning improves a student’s reading abilities as well as advantageously stimulating the brain in portions which are essential for the learning of math.