Reviewing Refrigerators

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Reviewing Refrigerators

Fortunately, there are many different websites online which review refrigerators and so you can get a good idea of which one you would prefer to buy before you even reach the shop. Of course, any review site can only give you their own opinion of a product but some of the better review sites like, whilst giving their own opinion, are unbiased in that opinion. There are some review sites through which are sponsored by certain manufacturers and so they are obviously going to be biased in favor of that particular manufacturer.

Whether you can believe the brand a particular website recommends or not, the websites are still useful in deciding which type of refrigerator you would want. Although regular refrigerators may have varying depths, counter-depth refrigerators are always between 24 and 26 inches deep, ensuring they are compatible in depth to your kitchen cabinets. Most people will quickly and easily decide if they want a counter depth refrigerator or not as usually if they are going to buy a refrigerator for their kitchen, a counter depth one is ideal. If however a refrigerator is being bought to be placed in a utility room or even a garage, the buyer may prefer the extra space a deeper refrigerator offers.

Although most people will have their own ideas as to which type of refrigerator doors would look best in their kitchens, they should also take into consideration the pros and cons of each type of doors. Perhaps the most common type of doors is a single door on the refrigerator compartment and a single door on the freezer compartment, regardless of whether the freezer is located on the top of the refrigerator or the bottom.

French style doors are however quickly catching up to the two single doors in popularity. French style doors will often consist of twin doors on the refrigerator leading to two separate compartments, plus a freezer with its own door either on top or at the bottom. The last type of door is a single door for both the refrigerator and the freezer but these are not too popular as the freezer sections are often very small.

The single door type refrigerators are reasonably efficient as cold air is not lost from the freezer whilst the refrigerator door is open and vice versa however, the French door types can be even more efficient as only one of two compartments of the refrigerator needs to open at any one time, ensuring the temperature in the other section remains the same.

Although a refrigerator and freeze sharing the same door may not sound effective or convenient, these refrigerators are often small in size and therefore ideal for small apartments or campers. There are larger types of these refrigerators available though as people with separate freezers may buy them and only use the small freezer section to conveniently have ice on hand when needed.

The last factor which should, of course, be considered when buying a refrigerator is of course price as different types and brands all have their own prices.